Interview with a Recruiter, Michele Jones, GD-IT

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Michele Jones, GD-ITMichele, tell us about yourself

I have been a Recruiter for General Dynamics Information Technology for several years.  I have recruited for positions in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Djibouti, Korea, and throughout the U.S.

People often say to me you have worked for General Dynamics IT for a long time. This is true because I have enjoyed assisting in making that remarkable connection between employee and employer.  I have been able to transfer and work from different locations within the company, so my position changed depending on which business unit I supported. The people at General Dynamics IT care and strive to help all employees to be successful in their roles.

Tell us about the GD-IT hiring process

The hiring process is fairly easy since the process is automated now.  Being an IT company we have been able to streamline the process using the latest technology. The hiring process can take longer for overseas positions since we have to follow additional procedures to get an employee set up there. There is not a set amount of interviews conducted for a position. What matters most is locating a qualified candidate for the position. General Dynamics IT has hired a candidate within a week, but I would say the average is four weeks from requisition posting to candidate working onsite.

Do you target transitioning military

General Dynamics IT hires many employees that were prior military. Therefore, we have a solid grasp on what it is like for those individuals in transition. We have a process in place so that all new employees know what is expected, which allows the transition for both former military and non-military employees to be as smooth as possible. To help facilitate this transition, we have staff dedicated to ensuring individuals joining the company receive personalized attention and that we address any questions or concerns as soon as possible. Finally, we consistently review our processes and take actions to improve them. We want to maximize the positive experience a new employee has when joining our organization.

General Dynamics-ITWhat types of cleared positions do you fill

General Dynamics IT fills a variety of IT related positions. For example; Cyber Security Engineers, Software Developers, Network Administrators/Engineers, System Administrators/Engineers, IT/IA Security Engineers/Administrators, Database Developers/Administrators, Tiers I, II, III Help Desk Technicians, etc.

View all General Dynamics IT positions

Do you use search networks or social media to screen job seekers at any point in the hiring process

No, this is not a part of our hiring process.

What are the toughest security cleared positions for you to fill and why

The toughest positions to fill are ones that require relatively new or obsolete software. The challenge is there are not as many qualified candidates with experience using the new or obsolete software. For instance Lotus Notes Developers are difficult to find because the software application has evolved.

What do you see security cleared job seekers doing wrong

A candidate should know what type of position he/she is looking to achieve.

What’s the craziest thing a job seeker has ever said to you

The craziest thing a job seeker said was you can give me the job and then we can go out on a date. A candidate should maintain a “professional” relationship at all times.

What’s the most inappropriate thing you’ve seen on a resume

I think putting too much personal information is inappropriate. I understand why candidates may include this information; however that should be reserved for the interview if requested.  Resumes with pictures, date of birth, height, how many children, hobbies, etc., look like a biography for a dating site rather than for a job.

What do job seekers need to know about your job as a recruiter

Job seekers should know that Recruiters receive a high volume of resumes and we do our best to respond to potential candidates in a reasonable timeframe.


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8 thoughts on “Interview with a Recruiter, Michele Jones, GD-IT”

  1. Hello Ms. Jones.

    Is there a recruiter that handles finance opportunities within the company. I recently applied on 1/22/15 for a open position advertised by the company.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Michele!

    I finished a stint with Exelis at Camp Arifjan after being employed with them for over 5 years. I would be interested to return to Kuwait or anywhere overseas for that matter. I have a lot of years of Logistical experience working with the DOA. I’ve got SARSS-1 and SARSS-2AC experience. I ran two warehouses here in the states, I was a Purchasing Agent for a major manufacturing company and worked in Production Control for years with private industry, both of which were affiliated with the auto industry. I enjoyed working overseas, so if there are any positions available that you’d like to fill, please let me know. I am very interested. Thank you Michele.

    Rodney G. Creager
    [email protected]

  3. Dear Sir / Madam
    I worked with L-3, GLS, and KMS as an Arabic linguist/ Cultural advisor, DOD contractor, in Iraq for nearly 8 years ( 2004-2011) with the US Military. My employment ID # was 949744. Now, I am a U.S. citizen and willing to be employed immediately in the same job title ( i.e. Arabic linguist/ cultural advisor), DOD contractor, with the US Military in Iraq, Kuwait, or in any other Arab Gulf States.
    Thank you for your help in advance
    Best Regards
    Abdulwahid Al Rubaye
    Hampton, VA

  4. Why does it take so long for a recruiter to even look at an applicant application before they even response back to that person? I use to be an employee of GDIT up until August of 2014 and have applied to several position where I am still waiting for a response from a recruiter or the hiring manager. I applied for position here at Langley AFB where you have several security position available and have not had any response back from GDIT as to say that it has been close or the position has been fill. I know you all have a lot going on however, not knowing if you will be interview or the position has been fill is a worrisome since that person is in market of looking for employment. Could you assist?

    Michael Allen

    1. I am a former GDIT employee who has always set higher goals for myself. I think it was worth trying to have a long career with a company such as GDIT. The only thing that is difficult is getting re-hired. After completing several applications, I do not even get a response. I’ve learned that many businesses that have government contracts, are downsizing and cutting budgets. So unless there is really a position funded, you probably will not be contacted.

  5. Ms. Jones:
    I am a retired Logistics Officer from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) with a current TS/SCI Clarance with BI and Polygraph. I have successfully registered for the Cleared Jobs Fair scheduled for March 12, 2014.
    I am looking forward to meeting with you, to discuss future employment opportunity with General Dynamics.
    Kind regards,
    Joseph K. Davies
    [email protected]

  6. Hello Michele Jones. I am interested in employment as a Personnel Security Specialist/Adjudicator. I retired from the Dept of Navy, NCIS and have been working as a contractor. Currently unemployed. I can email my resume to your attention upon your instructions.
    Thank you Michele.

    Irene Sowa
    Alexandria, VA

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