Interview with a Recruiter, Teri Brown-Walker, Perspecta

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I am an accomplished senior talent acquisition professional with an extensive 20+ year track record in mastering recruitment fundamentals and collaborating with business leaders. Perspecta is a government services provider that brings a diverse set of capabilities to customers in defense, intelligence, civilian, health care, and state and local markets. I have been with the company for two years now, primarily supporting Department of Defense accounts such as U.S. Cyber Command and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) accounts. I am responsible for full life cycle recruitment, which means I’m involved in every stage of the hiring process from working on the initial job posting to getting you started with the company, as well as project management.

Why Do I Want to Work for Perspecta

Perspecta brings a unique diverse set of capabilities to our U.S. government customers and I wanted to be amongst the skillful team of 14,000 engineers, analysts, investigators, architects and Talent Acquisition professionals who work tirelessly to support the mission of Perspecta. Perspecta values the work of its employees and understands the impact and sacrifices they make on a daily basis. Employees are encouraged to grow and increase their skill set and gain exposure to different environments. We also offer and provide the tools necessary to become leaders in a professional environment. Perspecta offers competitive salaries, opportunities for advancement, and a competitive benefits package.

What’s Your Hiring Process Like

We have a well-defined process to ensure a great candidate experience. The process normally takes about 4-6 weeks for candidates with active clearances. The recruiting team typically conducts the initial interview by phone, followed by a phone or in-person interview with the hiring managers and other team members. Also, since the majority of our positions require an active security clearance, there is also a security clearance transfer process that occurs. Overall, communication is key to our success! Our candidates are always kept in the loop within 24-48 hours on the status of their application.

Do You Hire Transitioning Military

Perspecta is an industry leader in military employment with more than 20 percent of its workforce composed of veterans and reservists. Our dedicated team of military recruiters actively seek out veterans, reservists, national guardsmen, military spouses, wounded warriors, caregivers and surviving spouses to join the company, and hired more than 560 veterans in the past year.

What Types of Cleared Positions Do You Fill

We have a wide range of cleared positions supporting a variety of customers across defense, intelligence and federal civilian markets. Specifically to my role, I focus on a variety of cyber-related roles including: cyber joint operations planners, cyberspace analysts, cyberspace fires (targets) analysts, web developers, and cyberspace policy analysts.

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What’s Your Advice for Cleared Job Seekers

Submit a tailored resume focusing on the type of career opportunity you are looking for instead of a generic resume. Resumes are not one-size-fits-all. Tailoring your resume to a specific job helps you stand out – and makes for an easier sell to a hiring manager or end customer. Clearly identify specific experiences, certifications and/or training called out in the job posting.

Anything Offbeat that You’ve Experienced in an Interview

“I will do anything to include washing your windows.” My response: “Don’t say that, we are not hiring window washers.”

What’s the Best Way for Job Seekers to Follow Up with You

Contact me via email at [email protected].


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    Ashley Jones is ClearedJobs.Net's blog Editor and a cleared job search expert, dedicated to helping security-cleared job seekers and employers navigate job search and recruitment challenges. With in-depth experience assisting cleared job seekers and transitioning military personnel at in-person and virtual Cleared Job Fairs and military base hiring events, Ashley has a deep understanding of the unique needs of the cleared community. She is also the Editor of ClearedJobs.Net's job search podcast, Security Cleared Jobs: Who's Hiring & How.

    Ashley Jones [email protected]
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  1. HI! Teri:
    Nice to see U all, just got back from SE-Asian nations for Urban Dessign plan advisory works. Any needs will be accepted.
    Attach Bi-lingual CVs.if wanted later.
    Best regard,

  2. A true professional. Who knows as much as anyone about the world of recruiting. It was a genuine pleasure to support her team and make a lot of positive progress during her tenure. One of the best!

    1. Awwww right back atcha! Love you Sidney Johnson, you are one of the best in this industry!


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