Is “Hotsugarmama” an appropriate job search email address?

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Believe it or not a job seeker really used this email address. Or “Noviagra.” A job seeker looking for a VP level HR position used this email address. Needless to say neither applicant made it past the initial screening process.

Just as you wouldn’t wear a t-shirt and shorts to a job interview because you love the beach, you shouldn’t use your “beachlover” email account for your job search. While your personal email address may seem harmless and a reflection of your personality, it’s important to use a professional email address when looking for a job.

By professional we mean a variation of your name. References to hobbies, interests or personal attributes are not appropriate for a job search.

There are many free web-based email accounts available that are easy to set up, so no excuses. Take a look at the email account you’re using for your job search. Do you need to change it?



This entry was posted on Thursday, January 13, 2011 1:00 pm

3 thoughts on “Is “Hotsugarmama” an appropriate job search email address?”

  1. depends on what the job is. If it's working at JB's Gallery of Girls, then YES! I think that email address would seal the deal on her getting the position.

  2. Well, I've been looking for a good pastry chef …

    Re: JB's Gallery of Girls
    I think I was in the joint once. Don't really remember, so it might have been fun. Didn't find my pastry chef, though. Will keep looking.

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