IT Certifications for Cleared Professionals

Posted by Rob Riggins

“There’s no such thing as an unemployed CCIE. If you have that certification your career is set for life,” confidently states Technical Recruiter Doug Munro.

CCIE is “Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert” to the uninitiated. CCIE is the highest level of professional certification offered by Cisco.

Apparently CCIE is one of the most difficult certifications to obtain. But then it couldn’t set your career for life if it were easy, could it?

In this video Doug shares that in cleared IT fields certifications are often more important than master’s degrees. Many federal RFPs now call for a bachelor’s degree along with pertinent certifications. Certifications show employers that job seekers have a continued desire to learn and that they have experience in the specific technical requirements of the job.

Also read Doug’s blog post on The Importance of Certifications for Cleared Job Seekers.

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