It’s the Fourth Quarter Where Is Your Talent Pool

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Where is your talent poolSummertime. Lazy days by the pool or enjoying a round of golf. In the defense and intelligence community it’s the fiscal fourth quarter and RFPs are dropping. While colleagues are enjoying summer vacations, most cleared recruiters are working on proposals rather than their tans.

It’s great that RFPs are being released and we are not faced with a #Shutdown like last year. Remember not to take your eye off talent pipeline development. In the typical chicken and egg conversation you have to have the business to hire the people, but you also have to have the people to fulfill your contract requirements.

When the contracts are awarded there is a short window to fill your requirements. What should you being doing now?

  1. Reach out to your current talent pool and give them an update that you are in proposal mode. Ask Who is available? Who might be available? What kind of positions are you looking for?
  2. Post job postings to reach out to potential candidates, stating clearly that this position is for a proposal.
  3. Develop Folders for each of the positions and each proposal so that you have ready access to a candidate pool for each proposal.
  4. Set up Resume Agents for key positions.

Most importantly, build a communication program for your talent community and your employees for referrals. That keeps them in the loop as to your potential hiring needs.



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