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Posted by Ashley Jones
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Are you tired of sifting through countless job listings, day after day, in pursuit of your next cleared job? There’s a game-changing solution that can free up your time, eliminate repetitive searches, and bring those golden opportunities straight to your doorstep (or rather, your inbox). Say hello to Job Agents – your secret weapon for a streamlined job hunt. Get ready for a world where job search is a breeze and your perfect job finds you.

Job Agents are saved searches that check every day for new jobs posted to ClearedJobs.Net that meet your search criteria. Once you set them up, you’ll be emailed any new positions that meet your criteria – it’s that easy!

Job Agents are like personal assistants that pull jobs for you, but unless you give them the right search criteria, they might miss jobs that could be a good fit. Read our tips to use Job Agents effectively so you can work smarter, not harder.

How to Create a Job Agent

There are two places you can easily create Job Agents on ClearedJobs.Net. One is right at the top of your search results. Use our Advanced Job Search to search for a keyword or phrase such as “scrum master” for example, and be sure to select your clearance level and desired location too. Once you click “search,” you’ll see all the jobs that match the search criteria you entered. Simply enter your email address and click “save” to create a Job Agent from those search parameters.

You can also view and add new Job Agents via your job seeker dashboard when you’re logged in to ClearedJobs.Net. When you create a Job Agent this way, you can also set a salary range and select whether you want to be emailed daily, weekly, or monthly.

Watch out for these Job Agent Mistakes

Note that the first field shown above is simply a name you’ll choose to keep your Job Agents organized. So even if it looks a little repetitive depending on the Job Agent title you enter, don’t skip inputting your Keywords. You need to put your keyword or keyword phrase in the second field in order to specify what your Job Agent will actually search for.

In the example screenshot above you’ll notice the keyword phrase “scrum master” is in quotation marks. This is a Boolean search string that ensures only jobs are pulled that truly say “scrum master.” Without the quotation marks, you’d get job posting results that have either the word “scrum” and/or “master.” That would be way too many job postings to sort through, and not an effective use of your time or Job Agent. So be sure the keywords you enter will actually return search results you’re interested in.

In addition to paying attention to your keyword parameters, make sure you select your clearance level and input a zip code with a mileage radius. In order for your Job Agents to deliver the best results and actually save you time and energy, you need to make your search criteria specific. So input a zip code versus picking an entire state, especially if you’re searching in an area with tons of cleared job opportunities like the national capital area.

Job Agent emails are limited to 25 search results. You don’t want to waste those 25 slots on jobs in locations you’re not actually interested in. So fill out your search options fully to ensure your results won’t be too broad. The more specific the Job Agent, the more effective.

You Still Need to Log In

Even though jobs can be delivered straight to your inbox, you should still log in to your ClearedJobs.Net job seeker profile on a regular basis to keep your account active. When employers search for candidates on ClearedJobs.Net, their search results are sorted in reverse chronological order. So if you haven’t logged in to your account for a couple months, you won’t likely be at the top of their results. Logging in updates the date associated with your account and lets recruiters know you’re actively looking for a job.

Contact Us If You Need Help

Our friendly customer service team is available to help if you have questions about setting up an effective Job Agent.


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