Job Search Elevator Speech

Posted by Rob Riggins

How’s your elevator speech? Engaging and concise, or rambling and boring? Watch the following video from Patra Frame for tips on polishing and improving how you introduce yourself to potential employers and others who may aid in your job search.

Key points to remember:

  1. Try to keep to 30-45 seconds, or three to four sentences. Tailor your speech to the situation as necessary.
  2. Think of headlines or an ad that you could write for yourself. Make sure you interest the listener.
  3. When talking to employers, reference the type of work you’ve done, your strengths in that line of work, and soft skills that demonstrate your value.
  4. Avoid buzzwords and say what makes you unique.
  5. When networking, include what brings you to the event, what issues you are interested in, and ask the other person what interests them.
  6. Ask for feedback from friends on your speech. Practice!

First impressions are critical, so make sure you shine!


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