Job Search in the New Normal: Virtual Interviews

Posted by Kathleen Smith

In the second installment of our three part webinar series, “Job Search in the New Normal,” recruiters Samantha Farnsworth, SAIC, and Victoria Ishee, PAE, share tips to help you navigate all the steps of a virtual interview successfully. Consider these key tips from the webinar or watch the recording below for the full discussion.

1. Prepare – As you prepare for any virtual interview, be sure to always check your tech in advance. This includes checking your internet connectivity and confirming your camera and microphone is working. And if possible, run a test with a friend on the platform you will be using, whether that might be Zoom, GoToMeeting, or something else. This will help you get comfortable and also avoid issues like accidentally muting yourself once it’s show time. And as with any interview, adequately research the company and position, think through any talking points you want to go over, and have the resume you submitted at hand. Also dress professionally, as you would for an in-person interview.

2. Participate – Once you’re live with the interviewer, limit all possible distractions and remember to maintain positive body language. Connect with the recruiter or hiring manager by looking into the camera and making eye contact, and try not to fidget. Also be an active listener, answer the questions you are asked, and try not to ramble or wander off on a tangent—be direct. As always, ask thoughtful questions. This might include asking about the work environment or their day-to-day expectations for the role. And relate your previous experience to the job in a way that demonstrates why you’d perform well in the position.

3. Follow Up – After your virtual interview concludes, send a note to the individual you interviewed with, to thank them for their time. This is an opportunity to also emphasize that you’re really interested in the position. It’s also helpful to mention that you are happy to have a follow-up conversation with them if they have any additional questions. You should also email or call the recruiter to get any feedback from them and discuss the timeframe going forward. If you haven’t heard back after a week, send a second follow-up at that time.


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