Job Search Process Metrics

Posted by Rob Riggins

Metrics may sound painful to many of us. But they sure can be helpful in your job search.

You want to develop and maintain some sort of metrics to keep your job search organized and chart your progress.

How many jobs have you applied for at General Dynamics-IT and what were they? Who were those people you interviewed with at HP when you were up for a position there six months ago? Now that you’re up for another HP position, that info will be helpful. Who have you networked with at HP that could put in a good word for you? And so on.

For some people it’s a spreadsheet. For others it’s handwritten in a notebook. Whatever your method, it’s important to keep track of your progress to identify weak spots for correction and to keep your job search organized and moving forward.

Here’s Patra Frame with more on metrics, coming to you from the Women’s Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery.


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