Large Company External Hires Come From Networking and Job Boards

Posted by Kathleen Smith

CareerXroads has released their 10th annual Source of Hire study. The study surveys large companies to see where they find their new employees. The Source of Hire study covers 36 large U.S. companies with over 1.3 million employees. These companies hired over 130,000 job seekers in 2010.

For the firms in the study the number one source of new hires was internal candidates and promotions, as you would expect. The top sources of external hires were:

  • Referrals 27.5%
  • Job Boards 24.9%
  • Company web sites 18.8%

As ClearedJobs.Net is a job board, we were heartened to find ourselves following closely behind referrals! CareerXroads also notes that job seekers often end up at company web sites by clicking on job postings on job boards or search engines.

If you’re a job seeker this survey affirms the importance of networking as well as the importance of utilizing a job board as part of your job search strategy. To help you get started, check out this video:


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