Our Most Viewed Companies and Cleared Jobs of 2013

Posted by Rob Riggins

It’s list season with a resulting over-supply of top 10 lists. Therefore we bring you several top 7 lists for 2013, based on cleared job seeker activity on ClearedJobs.Net.

7 Most Viewed Cleared Facilities Employers of 2013

These are our top seven most-viewed companies by cleared job seekers. Some are the large defense and intel contractors that you would expect such as General Dynamics-IT or Leidos. Others simply had very popular jobs.

  1. General Dynamics-IT
  2. Leidos
  3. Innovative Info Solutions
  4. GPS
  5. Mission Essential
  6. Johns Hopkins APL
  7. URS

7 Most Viewed Cleared Jobs of 2013

Our most viewed jobs for 2013 show a strong bias toward intel positions and admin posts.

  1. Defense Intelligence Analysts, Information International Associates
  2. Senior Intelligence Analyst, Digital Globe
  3. Intelligence Analyst, D.A.T.A.
  4. Sr. Administrative Specialist, GPS
  5. Conterintelligence Specialist/Officer, NMR Consulting
  6. Security Services, Allied Barton Security Services
  7. Admin Asst for Materials Mgmt, NMR Consulting

7 Most Applied for Cleared Jobs of 2013

The jobs on ClearedJobs.Net that received the most job seeker applications in 2013 show some popular linguist positions as well as intel, geospatial and admin:

  1. Senior Intelligence Analyst, Digital Globe
  2. Defense Intelligence Analysts, Information International Associates
  3. Sr. Geospatial Analyst, Digital Globe
  4. Experienced Cat II Cat III Linguists, Valbin
  5. Language Analyst, Cyberspace Solutions
  6. Linguist Support, Szanca Solutions
  7. Sr. Admin Specialist, GPS


What does it all mean? A higher ratio of cleared job seekers per open position in certain fields.

We know that cleared admin posts always generate a lot of interest. That was not a surprise. And with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq winding down, there are more linguists and intel folks on the street chasing fewer positions than in the past.

As we see the continued strong demand for IT-related positions, there are fewer job seekers per available job in those categories. That means IT-related positions are not going to make a top 7 most viewed or top 7 most applied list any time soon.



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  1. Another factor to consider is that some of those “popular” job listings were rather generic, and left on the site for months, attracting views and applications the whole time.

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