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Posted by Ashley Jones

At the mention of CISA, you might first think of the certification listed in job postings that require audit, control, and security skills. However, this acronym represents more than a job seeker’s proficiency in their profession. CISA also stands for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, our nation’s newest agency as of November 2018.

Built to protect the nation’s critical infrastructure, CISA was created by Congress through the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Act of 2018. Prior to CISA’s status as a federal agency, it was known as the National Protection and Programs Directorate within the Department of Homeland Security. In response to growing foreign threats, CISA was elevated to the rank of a federal agency, enabling it to better secure critical infrastructure with greater authority.

Defend Today, Secure Tomorrow

What does CISA do as our nation’s risk advisor? “CISA builds the national capacity to defend against cyber attacks and works with the federal government to provide cybersecurity tools, incident response services and assessment capabilities to safeguard the ‘.gov’ networks that support the essential operations of partner departments and agencies.1” In short, the agency works to understand and manage risk, to secure our critical infrastructure.

Another vital aspect of CISA’s role is spreading awareness and sharing information to enable better risk management. CISA coordinates and shares information with the private sector, which operates most of our nation’s critical infrastructure, to support homeland security. These information sharing programs enable “information exchange and the establishment of a community of trust between the Federal Government and critical infrastructure owners and operators.2

Find Your Future

By defending civilian networks and securing federal facilities, managing systemic risk, and raising the security baseline, CISA serves an essential role in the success of our nation’s homeland security mission. Want to join the team that is proud to protect? Join us in Baltimore at the CyberMaryland Job Fair on December 5, 2019 to meet face-to-face with CISA personnel.

The Cyber Job Fair is held in conjunction with the CyberMaryland Conference, December 5-6. Admittance to the job fair is free and only requires cybersecurity education or experience. Meet recruiters and hiring managers from leading employers spanning CISA, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, Invictus International Consulting, Leidos, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, Mission Essential, the National Security Agency, Perspecta, Smartronix, Tapestry Technologies, and U.S. Cyber Command.



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