Memorial Day 2015

Posted by John Nixon

Memorial Day 2015Even with the United States combat operations in South West Asia and the Middle East now officially concluded, news headlines of violent struggles around the globe continue on a weekly basis. The world political stage is an uncertain one at best, and because of this, many of our military members are standing at the ready to defend our way of life.

The skirmishes may be smaller, however make no mistake; we have Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines in harm’s way every day. And they do this voluntarily for the love of country.

Over the past twelve years, many have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms. And many thousands have gone before them to ensure that our way of life is not infringed upon by those who find our culture and freedoms repellent.

I encourage you to enjoy the coming three day weekend. Go to a parade. Enjoy a cookout.

But again this year, like every Memorial Day, please join me in taking a few moments to remember all of these brave service members who have laid down their lives for us. We owe it to them never to forget.

Happy Memorial Day.

Semper Fidelis


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