Military Transition: You’re in Good Hands

Posted by Kathleen Smith

May is National Military Appreciation Month. Each week this month we bring you articles that honor our nation’s vets. Our third post is by Rob Welsh, Major U.S. Army (retired), currently Executive Consultant/Program Manager, Invertix.

Brother/Sister in Arms,

First and foremost, Thank You for your service to our country and our national security.

Welcome to the largest and oldest fraternity in American history. Retirees and former military have a special bond that transcends active duty, guard and reserve service, and regardless if are you retiring or separating, we are brothers-in-arms, a family.
Transitioning from the Military is daunting and confusing. While transitioning, there are the normal military wickets to go though (out processing, admin, physical, VA , SBP, Transition Services) plus everything else you’re not told about. Fact of the matter is, everyone that retires or separates from the US Armed Forces does it for the first time – every time.

It is not the job you are transitioning from; you’re transitioning to the job. Being a man that lived and breathed out of an Army rucksack, if my rucksack was not packed to leave on a moment’s notice, I was beside myself. Then when I actually emptied the contents and put it away, knowing I would never put it back on my back in the same manner ever again, it was a huge realization. When that happens it is a reflection upon you, who you are, and what you will be. It makes you think deeply and it’s tough mentally, but not the end of your world.

Your life you are used to does not end; you just change uniforms. A suit, tie, shoes or skirt, blouse, heels. It is just a different uniform. You are used to structure, command structure, authority and responsibility of you and those around you. You are out of the military and may feel like you might as well be behind enemy lines. No fear. You have been through worse.

Your Career is not over; it’s another start, a new beginning. I approached it thinking I was a senior in high school…I have my whole life ahead of me, but this time I have experience. Lots of experience. Its another whole career life ahead of me. 

Remember, as much of a myth the military is on TV and in movies, so is the corporate world and government sector. Honor, integrity, and morality are the foundation of any good organization. 

Consult your other Brothers-in-Arms. There is a HUGE support base, just reach out.
To quote Allstate “You’re in Good Hands.”


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