November Podcast Roundup: Job Search Tips to Make This Your Best Holiday Season Ever

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November Podcast

Security Cleared Jobs: Who’s Hiring & How is brought to you by ClearedJobs.Net and hosted by Kathleen Smith and Rachel Bozeman. Our November round-up includes:

  • DJ Brown, President, DataHaven Solutions
  • Best tips of 2022 for transitioning military
  • Tom Smith, COO, JCTM
  • Mike Barnum, Senior Recruiter, Raytheon Technologies
  • Tammy Muncy, Director of Recruiting, National Security Sector of GovCIO

As we head into full blown holiday season, our podcast delivers some of the best gifts – terrific employment opportunities and suggestions on how to present yourself as a top candidate. This month we feature organizations with job openings across the U.S. and even some overseas. Plus, a recap of great transitioning military tips from our 2022 podcast guests. Our gift to you!

DataHaven Solutions | DJ Brown

DataHaven was founded by DJ and two colleagues after he noticed a pattern of co-workers leaving to go to other contractors doing the same job. His research indicated that workers left because they wanted to “feel like they were doing work that mattered.” That fueled the mission to build a company that fostered employee appreciation, while delivering quality engineering services.

Right now the urgent need at DataHaven is for senior level DevOps Engineers with TS + CI Poly clearances. Also needed are Database Admins and Engineers. Positions are available in Columbia, MD, as well as Fort Meade and San Antonio. Remote jobs are available, but are determined by the customer.

DataHaven has a page on LinkedIn or you can reach DJ at [email protected].

Listen to the episode here >>

Best of Military Transition Advice

We compiled a bonus episode from our 2022 podcast guests who share tips targeted to transitioning military as they make their way into the civilian sector. Terrific suggestions include:

  • Learn to understand government contracting and always inquire where the contract stands.
  • Start applying for jobs around 3 months before your terminal date.
  • SkillBridge is a great opportunity that you should investigate.
  • Make a plan and own the process.

Listen to the episode here >>

JCTM | Tom Smith

When talking about his company, Tom describes it as a family of JCTMers. “We rely on one another, expect the best of each other and come together, both professionally and personally, to support each other and the United States.”

At this time, their cleared hiring needs are for Information Ops SMEs and defensive cyber security in the National Capital Region, California and OCONUS. Their focus is finding the right candidate, not just someone who brings the right skills.

Along with job satisfaction, JCTM offers good benefits, which include profit sharing, training support, empowering employees to chase their passions from an innovation perspective and supporting organizations and charities that are important to the employees.

You can reach Tom via LinkedIn.

Listen to the episode here >>

Raytheon Technologies | Mike Barnum

We’ve got you covered if you missed this special “producer pick” episode the first time with Raytheon Technologies. If you’re looking for a job that touches on high tech wizardry, Raytheon may be the place for you. They work on a wide range of projects including intelligence gathering, high energy lasers…any maybe someday…a lightsaber! They have thousands of job openings that present candidates with an opportunity to learn and grow in their career.

Mike offers a suggestion about salary negotiation – basically look at total compensation, not just the salary range. Consider benefits, bonuses, growth opportunities. He thinks the best interviews are conversations and suggests that you come to the interview with a list of questions that demonstrate the skills you can’t be taught.

Listen to the episode here >>

GovCIO | Tammy Muncy

Tammy leads a team of recruiters supporting multiple programs across the US and OCONUS. Their biggest need is for developers and software programmers, especially in the cleared community. They have positions in every state and overseas.

Mission-focused team players make a good fit for GovCIO and Tammy believes that transitioning military fit well into the company culture. Her tips include always being aware of your clearance’s periodic reinvestigation timeframe and how to put together a solid resume.

You can reach Tammy via LinkedIn or email her at [email protected].

Listen to the episode here >>

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