One Woman’s Journey from Clerical Worker to Cyber Warrior

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Jen Havermann, RaytheonThere are many interesting paths and stories leading to a career in cybersecurity. In this article Jen Havermann, Raytheon Portfolio Manager Cyber Intelligence & Analysis Programs, shares her tale.

Her hands smeared with typewriter ribbon ink and smudged with carbon copy paper, her fingernails caked with white correction fluid, Jen Havermann remembers thinking, “Well, at least I’m learning to type.”

It was her first day on the job at a government office in Fort Meade, Md. – the unlikely start to a high-tech career that would eventually turn Havermann into an elite cyber warrior, part of the United States’ defensive line against hackers and other threats.

Her rise shows that anyone with an interest in technology and a willingness to learn can build a career in cybersecurity, said Havermann, now an engineering manager for Raytheon. When she visits college campuses and meets with students, she urges them to aim for a cybersecurity career.

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