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  • What salary do I ask for?

    Q. I am transitioning military to civilian and have no idea what salary to ask for. How do I find out? A: As a part of the research you do to figure out what jobs interest you, you should be looking at pay ranges. There are some websites that provide basic data to… more

  • “Ask Patra!” Column … Edition #002

    Each week, Patra Frame, a frequent presenter at the Cleared Job Fairs will answer a job seekers question. These are questions that are either asked at the Cleared Job Fairs or sent into Patra. If you could like to send in a question to Patra, you may do so here. The questions can… more

  • Staffing Advisors plugs Patra Frame video “How to Help Your Friends Find a Job”

    We want to thank Bob Corlett @ Olney, Maryland-based Staffing Advisors for sharing our Patra Frame YouTube video clip, How to Help Your Friends Find a Job, on their blog, The Search Firm Insider.… more

  • Pay It Forward Friday

    On Twitter there is a weekly Friday event called #FollowFriday which is how people recommend other people to worthy of following and keeping up with. Participating in #FollowFriday is a great way to expand your network. Building upon this theme, I would like to start "Pay It Forw… more