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  • Military transition: Career choices

    So there you are, trying to figure out what jobs in the civilian world will be worthwhile. And here I am, regularly talking success stories and research.... With all the potential careers available, how do you start to choose? First steps are to think about what your knowledge… more

  • Job seeker tips from two recruiting experts

    Anne Hull, President Hull Strategies, and Nancy Gober, Career Coach Key Development Solutions, share their thoughts and interviewing tips for job seekers interested in working for government contracting firms. Anne and Nancy also discuss common resume mistakes… more

  • Military transition: Your strengths matter

    Whether you are transitioning military to civilian after a short time or a full career, there are resources available to help you make this move. Sure the quality of transition resources varies. But I am still surprised at how many miltary folks don't really use most of what is … more

  • References that work

    Are your references ready to help you land a job? Do you know how to prepare your references so they are an asset to your search and not a stumbling block? Find out in this video by ClearedJobs.Net's HR Strategist Patra Frame. In Patra's own words, "Making the… more

  • Too soon old: Age discrimination realities

    Age discrimination is illegal but we all know many companies prefer to hire young. If you're over 40 -- yes 40! -- and looking for a job you will benefit from the tips Patra Frame, ClearedJobs.Net HR Strategist, provides in this video. What are a company's concerns about hir… more