Phone Screening Interviews

Posted by Rob Riggins

Patra’s advice for acing a phone screening interview — treat it as a “real” interview!

The phone screen interview may be your first exposure to a recruiter who can be your internal champion in the job search process. Make a good impression and be prepared.

If the recruiter calls and you’re not prepared, reschedule. Then do your homework.  Research the company and the position and determine if this is the job for you.

This is your chance to use your elevator speech or 30-second commercial to share with a recruiter who you are and what you are looking for. Make sure you’re ready for that too.

Prepare a few questions that you can ask the recruiter. Be positive and energetic.

If this isn’t the job for you, say so. Do you know anyone who would be interested and qualified? The recruiter will appreciate the referral.



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