Professionalism — Critical for Job Seekers

Posted by Patra Frame

Recently, the Herman Trend Alert reported on a poll of professionalism and how critical it was in getting hired.  Here is an excerpt:

”HR pros and business leaders polled identified five primary characteristics of professionalism:

1) personal interaction skills, including courtesy and respect

2) skills to communicate, and listen

3) a great work ethic

4) being motivated and staying on task until the job is completed, and

5) professional appearance, and self-confidence and awareness.” 

These are critical skills for any job seeker to be able to capture in their resume and cover letters,  networking, answers to interview questions, and approach to the job market. 

Take a moment and think about your job search.  Are you capitalizing on your past successes in these areas? 

Certainly listening is always important when talking with a company or recruiter, so that you understand the position and the organization and can ask good questions.  But too many folks treat networking as an exercise in getting business cards and not as a chance to make a human connection.  Listening to the other person when you meet and whenever you talk or communicate is absolutely vital to making those connections.  And those connections are one of the most important aspects of your job search.  People you know and are truly connected to are the people who will freely help you with the tasks of your search.  Are you listening?

In a temporary or interim job while you look for the right opportunity?  Don’t forget to show what a professional you are there too.  When it comes time for you to show your achievements or ask for a reference, you will have a solid foundation.  And people you meet in such circumstances can become conduits to the job you want.


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