Recruiters, What You Lose When Budgets Are Cut

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Everyone’s budget is being cut.

We all have to be more creative with less. But is cutting resources the best option for long term recruiting and employer branding strategy? While there is significant pressure to cut resources as budgets tighten, there are some key things to consider.

Loss of Brand in the Marketplace

Pulling your company name and recruiter presence out of the marketplace will erode the employer brand. Once you have stopped supporting your employer brand, it may take a long time to rebuild. If you’ve just won a contract and need to staff up fairly quickly, that’s a critical business challenge. Particularly for small- and mid-size contractors.

Missed Talent

As other companies cut staff many highly-skilled cleared professionals are now available. Many for the first time in years. And highly skilled individuals who are concerned about their future are testing the market so they have a back-up plan. We’ve seen the number of new job seekers increase at both our Cleared Job Fairs and on ClearedJobs.Net, including those with high-level clearances.

Old School May Rule

Recruiters may think that they are covered because they’re investing in new tools such as social media and mobile. But is that where highly-skilled and highly-cleared job seekers are?

Many of the job seekers who are just now coming into the marketplace have not had to find a new job in several years. These security cleared professionals may not be comfortable or familiar with mobile applications, social media or applicant tracking systems. These professionals will probably not fill out their profiles – anywhere – completely.

What are the common job search tools for these highly-skilled, highly-cleared job seekers? The job search tools that have been around the longest – networking, job fairs and job boards.

Pay attention to the new trends in recruiting. We are too, and those tools are important for the future. But don’t get out too far ahead of the vast pool of security-cleared professionals that still prefer the old-school tools.



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