Refresh Your Recruitment Strategies for In-Person Cleared Job Fairs

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If you’ve been in the recruiting game for a while, working an in-person job fair booth may feel like your natural habitat. Many recruiters self-identify as social butterflies—if you feel the same, you’re likely looking forward to returning to in-person hiring events. But it’s probably been a while since you’ve been able to spread your recruiting wings and build your talent pipeline at a face-to-face event.

In-person job fairs are back at ClearedJobs.Net and we’re happy to share our first in-person Cleared Job Fair since 2020 was a success for both employers and job seekers last week. If you’re joining us at a Cleared Job Fair this fall, or just want to refresh your memory, check out these tips to maximize your return on investment.

Before the Event

Determine Who Will Represent Your Company

Setting goals in advance will help you decide who to send. Do you want to make on-the-spot offers? Or schedule interviews for a later date? It may be helpful to bring a hiring manager if you plan to conduct in-depth interviews at the event. Two booth representatives are better than one, so your staff can take a break without leaving your booth unattended.

Organize Your Branding

Consider having a handout that conveys your unique selling proposition. Maybe you offer better benefits than your competition, a unique corporate culture, a broad range of contracts that allow for growth, etc. You want to be sure that whatever makes you better than your competition stays with candidates of interest.

Giveaways seem to be a race for the next great thing. Just keep in mind usefulness and shelf life, which is the main purpose of a giveaway – to stick around long enough that your brand is imprinted in the job seeker’s mind.

Prepare Your Staff to Think Beyond Their Specific Needs

Talented candidates may have interest in positions that are not directly handled by the company representatives at the event. You don’t want to lose those folks. So how will you make sure they have a good candidate experience, receive pertinent details, and know whom to follow up with?

Don’t miss the opportunity and turn talented candidates away because your representatives are not properly informed beyond their specific and immediate needs. Your results can vary greatly depending on the talent of the staff attending the event. Maximize your success by preparing your representatives ahead of time.

Share the Word About Your Event Participation

Use your communication and social media channels to publicize that you’ll be at the event and ready to talk to qualified cleared talent. If you help amplify the message, the event will be a greater success for you. We promote our events on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, so spread the word if you’re active on those platforms. There could be a passive prospective candidate who follows you online that might take the initiative to meet up and find out more about the opportunities you offer.

At ClearedJobs.Net, we also send a pre-registrant file one week prior to our events. We urge you to contact job seekers of interest and encourage them to attend. That extra touch from you can help determine whether or not they decide to brave the traffic, rain, heat, cold or other obstacles that may make them decide not to come the day of the event.

During the Event

Be Welcoming

It’s often better to stand versus sitting in a chair behind your table. You’ll be more approachable and active on your feet. Also limit cell phone use. It’s amazing how many job seekers will walk right past a booth if the representatives are looking at their phones. Some job seekers are shy or easily intimidated. They may assume that something very important is happening on that phone, and don’t want to interrupt.

“Go to the Website and Apply”

Job seekers often misunderstand these words, prompting a common complaint we receive in our job seeker surveys. They think it’s a brush off – and it may be depending on the candidate. Your company brand survives much better if you tell them briefly why you’re asking them to apply on the website.

Don’t Be Offended If They Don’t Know Who You Are

Job fairs can be stressful, company names confusing, and memories short. Sure, it’s annoying when someone walks up and asks what your company does, but remember not all candidates have had the time to research all participating companies. They may still be an excellent fit for your organization.

Don’t Leave Early

Leaving early makes everyone look bad. Although things will slow down at the end of events, s­­tay by your booth, organize your materials, and network with colleagues. That dream candidate you’ve been waiting for all day may show up at the last minute. It does happen.

After the Event

Follow Up

When all is said and done, you may have a hefty stack of resumes and business cards, interviews scheduled, or leads for future talent pipelining. Follow up with candidates of interest right away. Don’t let them get away!

At ClearedJobs.Net, we send you a final resume file of all registrants and walk-in candidates the morning after the event to ensure you don’t miss out on promising candidates. A job fair is a big investment of your recruitment budget and with the right preparation and execution you can guarantee a big bang for your buck.

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