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Posted by Patra Frame

Your Momma told you the importance of saying thank you from an early age. Yet too many folks forget to say “Thanks!” along their job search road.

Recently I spoke to an old friend and mentor, now a senior executive in a major corporation, and discovered that this person who has helped countless people over the years is no longer helping job seekers. I was shocked — and then saddened by the reason: most people never followed up with any appreciation or feedback on results.  So instead of seeing the time spent helping a job seeker as worthwhile, it became time wasted — time that could have been better used on other work demands.

Yet I should not have been surprised — I hear this same lack of follow-up described by a wide range of people I know who have offered information, contacts, help or support to job seekers.  And, yes, it happens to me, too.

When you have asked for any assistance from another person, say thanks at the time you receive help.  You also should keep in touch with those who have been helpful.  And do remember to let them know when you start your new job.  These basic courtesies also help you. You strengthen your network. Get more advice and leads. Make more connections. And build habits that will stand you well in your next job.

Many people are willing to help you. But each time they take the time to help someone who cannot even be bothered to say thanks, it seems a little more like being taken advantage of and a little less like being helpful.

Used to know a terrific guy who was climbing the ladder well and rapidly before hitting a couple of normal bumps. And with each job change, his reputation grew as someone you never heard from except when he needed help. Lots of folks cut him off. Many talked about that bad habit when discussing him. I have no idea whatever happened to him…

Call it good karma or just basic manners but do say thanks regularly and often.  Appreciate those who help you now — and keep in touch later. It is so simple, so effective — and so increasingly rare.


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