September Podcast Roundup: Tune In for Great Intel on Resume Writing & Continuous Evaluations

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Security Cleared Jobs: Who’s Hiring & How is brought to you by ClearedJobs.Net and hosted by Kathleen Smith and Rachel Bozeman. Our September round-up included:

  • Bonus Episode: Writing Your Most Effective Resume
  • Jess Mathias, Director of Talent Acquisition with Core4ce
  • Molly O’Boyle, Project Manager with Talent Acquisition Operations at OBXtek
  • Tony Kuhn, Managing Partner at Tully Rinckey PLLC

We may say this every month, but it’s true – our podcast guests keep on delivering terrific information for cleared job seekers. This month a recap of resume writing tips is worthy of listening and downloading for future reference. You’ll also hear how to stand out at a job fair, where there are jobs for mission-oriented candidates, and the importance of self-reporting for maintaining your clearance.

Bonus Episode | Writing Your Most Effective Resume

The industry average is 10 seconds for a resume to catch the interest of a recruiter. Use that speck of time wisely. First thing to remember, the resume is a means to get an interview – it should not be a biography. Also very important, the design should be clean and simple.

Begin the document with your contact details and your security clearance. Focus on accomplishments, not job duties. Think STAR: situation, task, action, results. The length should be 1-2 pages.

If you have considerable experience, you don’t have to overshare, rather highlight the most recent ten years. The first impression is vital – a document with misspellings and disjointed thoughts won’t get you an interview. A blockbuster resume is the first step to success.

For all the details that expand on these great suggestions, check out our resume tip sheet in the show notes.

Listen to the episode here >>

Core4ce | Jess Mathias

Core4ce is a rapidly growing company that supports military medicine. They recruit for that space as well as the Intel community. Jess likes to talk about how open and inviting their culture is, how they work to connect employees through social activities, and that their CEO is easily accessible, including quarterly town hall meetings.

Currently she is recruiting for cleared jobs in networking, cyber security, and risk management. Most position are in the DC and Charleston metro areas with remote and hybrid positions available, including help desk and desktop support.

If you are a mission-focused team player who sees the big picture while going above and beyond expectations, Jess wants to talk with you. You can find her on LinkedIn or through the company website.

Listen to the episode here >>

OBXtek | Molly O’Boyle

Molly has watched OBXtek grow from 250 employees to over 600 since 2014. They work with the Air Force, as well as other government customers, recruiting for cleared jobs across wide geographies. While there are many positions concentrated in DC, a current push has them working with logistical contracts all over the world.

OBXtek works with transition assistance programs at different bases. If Molly talks with someone who has great skills but no current opening to match, she works with Program Managers to be sure they know who these candidates are. She says OBXtek is a smaller company where employees feel like they are connected to the mission and she wants to keep good candidates in the pipeline.

Molly’s tips for attending a job fair include dressing appropriately – clean and neat. And come prepared – research the companies and bring your questions to the job fair. Recruiters want to see your dedication and interest. When it comes to resumes, they need to be error free. You can send yours to Molly via LinkedIn.

Listen to the episode here >>

Tully Rinckey PLLC | Tony Kuhn

Tony shares a lot of good information about continuous evaluations for those who hold a security clearance. Where security evaluations used to be periodic, they are now on-going. This makes reporting issues like arrests for DUI/DWI or financial setbacks even more important. Clearance holders should take the initiative to self-report and work to mitigate the issue before it comes to light elsewhere.

And Tony wisely suggests being careful of your affiliations on social media and taking due consideration of what messages you post. The internet lives forever. An anti-government comment can come back to haunt you. Agencies are digging deeper these days and becoming more savvy in ways to gather background information.

If you have questions, you can reach Tony via LinkedIn or by email at [email protected].

Listen to the episode here >>

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