Summer Spy Reading

Posted by Kathleen Smith

As we head into the heart of summer, we’re recommending two books that although they are not new, they are timely in the wake of the Snowden affair and the focus on the intelligence community.

The moderator of the recent AFCEA EPIC panel, Shane Harris, is well known within the intelligence community. His book “The Watchers” details the rise of modern surveillance since 9/11.

Harris chronicles the rise of America’s surveillance state over the past 25 years and highlights a dangerous paradox: Our government’s strategy has made it harder to catch terrorists and easier to spy on the rest of us.

Harris also wrote an essay entitled “The Spy Gap” for GovExec about Tom Waters book “Class 11: Inside the CIA’s First Post-9/11 Spy Class,” which not only details the commitment of a new generation of spies, but the inherent workforce challenges for the intelligence community leadership.

Waters is one of the tens of thousands of Americans who applied for a job at the Central Intelligence Agency in the patriotic fervor surrounding the wake of 9/11. He’s also one of the less than one percent of those multitudes who was hired.

What are you reading this summer?


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