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  • Improving Recruiting: How to Write Better Job Postings

    Let’s be honest. We know our job postings probably aren’t what they should be, or could be if we took more time with them. When we hastily copy and paste, they’re typically dull, lifeless, and don’t meet their full potential. But why is this so often the case? They d… more

  • The Art of Rejection: Making the Best of a Turn Down

    As cleared recruiting professionals, you know that hiring the best and the brightest is vital to the success of your organization. It's important to keep in mind, though, that a timely and respectful process for informing a candidate they haven’t gotten a position is also imper… more

  • How to Create a Positive Candidate Experience

    Job seekers today are very consumer savvy and highly discerning.  They are looking for an organization to work with in much the same way they shop for a computer or car -- considering reviews and ratings in determining which company offers the most promise. The power is shift… more

  • Employers Maximize Job Fair Success By Reaching Out Early

    We all know it, and we've all probably said it. To make a job fair successful, job seekers need to do their homework and prepare ahead of time. But to be fair, good employers need to understand that this advice goes both ways. For employers, the key to a successful recruitment… more

  • Candidate Experience: Which Candidate

    Thanks to several programs and general awareness a focus in recruiting now is the candidate experience. While this is all good, we have to remember that not all candidates are created equal. In the candidate experience the focus has been placed on when the candidate enters the… more