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  • A Cybersecurity Professionals Recommended Reading List

    With summer upon us, it is time to pull out the recommended reading list. Fortunately, Matthew Devost has put together a great summer reading list for the cybersecurity professional. This list of books reflects a very diverse spectrum of interests and is in no particular order. … more

  • Black Hat + Veterans

    For some time now we have been saying the information security workforce shortage could be solved if we encouraged more veterans to transition into this field. Veterans have the key skills and experience that all information security or cybersecurity companies are looking for. … more

  • Innove’s Brad Morrison on the Internet of Things, Cybersecurity and Veterans

    Brad Morrison is the CEO and Founder of Innové. Innové designs, builds and manages secure networks for government, telecommunications & commercial clients based in the San Antonio, TX, and Washington DC, areas. What is Cybersecurity I grew up in the network security … more

  • Veterans, Cyber, San Antonio with Denim Group’s Joe Krull

    An interview with Joe Krull, Director of Denim Group in San Antonio. Read the first part of Joe's interview Veterans are both Uniquely Qualified and Completely Unprepared for Civilian Cybersecurity Careers. How is San Antonio Uniquely Qualified to be Cyber City USA Three re… more

  • Cyber Credit Scores and More with ICF’s Michael Sanchez

    Michael Sanchez, VP Commercial Cybersecurity and Compliance for ICF International, is a native Texan working in IT Audit and Compliance for 27 years.  He came out of industry where he ran the IT department for one of the large energy companies in Houston, a $12 billion company. … more