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  • Three Ways to Act Like a Consultant for Career Success

    Note: This article is adapted from the author’s book, Going 1099: How to become a solo federal sub-contractor and gain control of your working life, earn more money, and unlock more free time. If you want to become a solo 1099 sub-contractor or improve your value as an … more

  • How To Manage Your Security Clearance as a 1099 Sub-Contractor

    I’ve been a cleared 1099 sub-contractor since 2015. One of the concerns I had when I first started was how to keep my security clearance “active,” meaning I wanted to be able to take on projects that require a security clearance without having to start from scratch on … more

  • Leveraging Your Clearance to Become Your Own Boss

    In 2015, I was working on-site at an IC SCIF in Northern Virginia. My client loved my work and wanted to make sure I stayed on. The company I worked for was happy since the client was happy. You should know that I’ve never been a great employee. It’s not that I don’… more