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  • Defense Roundup: Sequester Takes a Break in August…Except for the Navy, Combat Doesn’t Increase Suicide Risk

    Analysts: Cutting Aircraft Carriers a Real Possibility Mike Hixenbaugh (@mike_hixenbaugh), The Virginian-Pilot. The many angles that come out of sequester cuts and the Pentagon’s recently completed Strategic Choices Management Review are still being examined around the defen… more

  • Recruiters, What You Lose When Budgets Are Cut

    Everyone's budget is being cut. We all have to be more creative with less. But is cutting resources the best option for long term recruiting and employer branding strategy? While there is significant pressure to cut resources as budgets tighten, there are some key things to co… more

  • December 3 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

    Veterans Agency Can Ignore Vets Status in Contract Awards Tom Schoenberg and Kathleen Miller, Bloomberg. A Federal Claims court judge in Washington has ruled that the Department of Veterans Affairs does not have to give preference to veteran owned small businesses in all contr… more

  • August 6 Defense Industry Weekly Roundup

    Defense Armageddon Prediction Clashes with Profits, Optimism Nik Taborek and Brendan McGarry, Bloomberg Businessweek. The predictions of doom from sequestration continue from the Aerospace Industries Association and major defense manufacturers. But the stories clash with the r… more

  • June 4 Defense Industry Weekly Roundup

    Robots Go to War:  March of the Robots The Economist. This is an interesting look at the growth of robotics in the military around the world today. It is a growth market with billions likely to be spent in coming years as various types of new robots are brought to market incl… more