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  • Defense Roundup: Defense Contractor Blues, Blues and More Blues

    Contractors React to News of NSA Leaker Marjorie Censer (@commoncenser), Washington Post. As we mentioned in last week’s Scout Report, the news that a Booz Allen Hamilton contractor was the source of the leak from the National Security Agency didn’t bode well for the opinion… more

  • October 9 Defense Industry Weekly Roundup

    Homeland Security Learns to Love Small Spy Drones Spencer Ackerman, Danger Room. It seems the Department of Homeland Security is starting to see the value of the growing small Unmanned Aerial Systems family of aircraft for domestic security and public safety missions… more

  • July 23 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

    Arms Export Reforms Kick Into High Gear Sandra Erwin, National Defense – NDIA. It seems that aggressive efforts at reforming the convoluted export controls system for U.S. military equipment is beginning to pay dividends after years of stops and starts at reform. Former Sec… more

  • Deloitte Offers Career Guidance to Veterans Returning from Iraq and Afghanistan

    Deloitte has recently announced that, in collaboration with American Corporate Partners, a team of its people will volunteer to mentor veterans who have recently completed their service to our country and are returning to the private sector.  American Corporate Partners is a nat… more