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  • Skip the Resolutions, Organize Your Job Search

    Tis the season, big resolutions for the new year are all the talk. And for most people, talk is all that they remain. Don’t bother with resolutions for your job search. Instead take a couple of simple actions. 1. Make a list. Do a brain dump of everything you think … more

  • Charlie Brown and Your Job Search

    Many of our childhood memories of the holidays come from the TV shows that we looked forward to and watched. For many of us, there was only one night during the holiday season when we could watch a holiday special. This was before VHS, DVD, Netflix and Hulu. You could always coun… more

  • Do You Have the Right Skills to be Hired

    Many companies say they aren’t hiring because they’re not finding people with the right skills. This was a hot topic of discussion at the FedTech Outlook 2012 conference. The keywords of mobile, cloud and social were also topics of key interest for the panel of senior women t… more

  • Is a Search Firm Right for Your Job Search

    First, understand a search firm’s role is to satisfy the employer who pays them by finding a hire who meets the employer's specs. Their role is NOT to get YOU a job. There are two main types of search firms (aka "headhunters") you could work with: contingency and retained. 1.… more

  • The Holidays and Your Job Search: Bah Humbug or Be Merry

    The holidays bring stress. If you are in a job search you may be plagued with unanswered applications. Or you may be trying to schedule interviews around busy holiday activities. If you are a hiring manager you have year-end reports and difficult requisitions to fill for the begi… more