Charlie Brown and Your Job Search

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Many of our childhood memories of the holidays come from the TV shows that we looked forward to and watched. For many of us, there was only one night during the holiday season when we could watch a holiday special. This was before VHS, DVD, Netflix and Hulu. You could always count on those holiday specials to entertain, but also to remind us of some vital life lessons.

The holidays give us pause to reflect on what is good in our life. But many folks believe it’s a time to pause our job search. “No,” say many hiring experts. Recruiting and hiring continue throughout the holiday season. It just may be a bit protracted due to some folks being out of the office more than others. If the recruiters and hiring managers are not pausing, why should you?

“Merry Christmas Charlie Brown” is one of the quintessential holiday favorites. Remember the plunky school dance scene? Or Linus with his blanket that is more like a McGyver tool kit? How can our childhood favorites warm up our job search? Sit back and watch through job search glasses.

Lucy wants “Jingle Bells” just right:

Your resume may be perfect in your mind, but it may not be the way the recruiter wants to read it. How do you know this? Have you checked your account statistics to see how many times your resume has been viewed? You may have to tweak and reformat your resume several times to get to the “that’s it!” format which appeals to the right recruiter. Be sure you are looking at the job descriptions to find the right keywords for your resume.

It just may be a little dressing up that your resume needs to be the shining example this holiday season. And just as Charlie Brown’s friends helped dress up his little Christmas tree, you may ask some of your friends and colleagues to give you some feedback on your resume.

So sit down with your Netflix streaming and get inspired with some of your holiday TV favorites!


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