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  • Interview with a Recruiter, Debbie Cantin, Charles F. Day & Associates

    Debbie, Tell us about yourself I have been with the company for almost four years in December. I am an Air Force Veteran so I understand the challenges individuals face transitioning from the military to the private sector.  I started with Charles F. Day & Associates, LLC… more

  • September 6 Cleared Job Fair Career Seminar and Resume Review Schedule

    The September 6 Cleared Job Fair at the Waterford in Springfield, VA, will feature career seminars and resume reviews to aid in your job search. Our schedule for the day: 10:30am – 11am Resumes Showcasing Your Accomplishments Achievements? Successes? How do you show what … more

  • Turn Military Experience Into Resume Achievements

    In this video Patra talks more about the need for having achievements on your resume, and not just responsibilities, whether you're transitioning military or not. Think of it from the recruiter's perspective -- they want to know what you did with your responsibilities that res… more

  • Military Service to Civilian Success: Translate Achievements

    A resume is an advertisement for what you offer an employer. Far too many people don’t understand this. How do you show what you offer an employer when your experience and success has come in the military environment? Focus on your achievements! The smartest thing you can… more

  • Don’t overdress your resume

    Resist the urge to dress up your resume with fancy graphics that you think are going to set your resume apart from all the others, unless you are in a creative field. The more window dressing you include the more likely a recruiter may pass your resume by. Why? Resumes are someti… more