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  • Job Seeker Tips if You’ve Been Unemployed Over 4 Months

    If you’ve been searching for a new position with little or no success -- sending out resumes, filling out applications,  networking -- it’s easy to become discouraged, deflated, and defeated. However, I have worked with a number of clients who experienced long-term unempl… more

  • Conflicting Resume Advice

    Resume advice is often contradictory - who do you believe? Ask five people, get 10 answers.  Sad but true. Most all recruiters and hiring managers agree that you have to have a chronological format resume. But not so much else. These are some common issues in government contr… more

  • Decide This Before Writing Your Resume

    Before you write a resume decide - what type of work are you seeking? A resume is a ‘hook’ to capture an employer’s attention. It has to be focused on both what a specific type of job requires and what an employer requires. Then you take your past achievements and succes… more

  • Resume Review Results

    Patra Frame reviewed resumes at the September 5 Cleared Job Fair and gave us some feedback on what she saw from job seekers, both good and bad. The Good About a quarter of the 50+ resumes Patra reviewed were on target. They were well-written, focused and presented the job s… more

  • You’ve Lost Your Job, What’s Next

    Nothing is scarier than walking out the door of the company that just laid you off – or terminated you for cause – and not knowing what your next step is going to be or how to tell the family. Only fools never plan for contingencies, but even a wise person may not know how or… more