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  • THANKFUL – Wait, What, In a Job Search?

    Job search is generally not something people enjoy. The work needed is difficult, time-consuming, and detailed. The process is full of bad design, lousy job ads, and is more messy than useful. And some days it all feels like a crapshoot. What could one possibly be thankful for… more

  • Successful Cleared Job Search – A Checklist

    Whether you are just thinking about changing jobs, in transition from the military/federal government, or need a new job now, there are common steps in job search which will help you succeed. This outline of the basics can guide you. As you read it, I hope you recognize most of t… more

  • How a Thank You Can Lead to a Job Offer

    Yes, interviews are much more informal than they were even 10 years ago, but some things remain musts, including follow-up thank yous. That doesn’t mean a hastily written email or a quick “thanks” on the way out the door but rather a proper note on quality stationery or … more

  • Keep Your Options Open After Being Rejected

    You have gotten a rejection letter for the job for which you interviewed. You say a few choice words under your breath and of course, you are always curious about why someone else was chosen. You may never get the real answer, mostly because the company needs to protect themselve… more

  • Thank You Notes, Critical to Your Job Search

    “You did learn how to say thank you when you were a kid, didn’t you?” Patra intones. Did you send a thank you note after your last job interview? You'd be surprised how many job seekers do not follow through on this important step of the job search process. Hiring man… more