Thank You Notes, Critical to Your Job Search

Posted by Rob Riggins

Thank you blackboard“You did learn how to say thank you when you were a kid, didn’t you?” Patra intones.

Did you send a thank you note after your last job interview?

You’d be surprised how many job seekers do not follow through on this important step of the job search process. Hiring managers are impressed when they receive a good thank you note.

In this video Patra provides tips and even note card suggestions for your thank you notes.

Good thank you notes are:

* Short and to the point.

* Thank the person for their time, interest and information they provided to you.

* Say something new about your value to the employer. Maybe something you forgot to mention in the interview.

* Show that you are smart, professional and have useful ideas that will help the employer right away.

Send your thank you note out within a day. Email is fine, but consider a handwritten note for the most senior person you met.


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2 thoughts on “Thank You Notes, Critical to Your Job Search”

    1. Jonathan, Ask the interviewer for their card at the conclusion of your discussion. If they do not have a card ask the recruiter or other individual who set up the interview for the interviewer’s email addresses so you may follow up and thank them. Following up with a thank you is becoming increasingly rare, so it’s an opportunity for you to stand out from your competition.

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