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  • The Most Important Lesson I Learned in the Army

    Jason from IWearYourShirt.comTuesday June 14 is the U.S. Army’s 236th birthday. As a pre-celebration we bring you Constantine von Hoffman’s thoughts on the most important lesson he learned in the Army. Join ClearedJobs.Net next Tuesday as we celebrate the Army’s birthday wi… more

  • Are You Impacted by BRAC and Wondering What To Do

    Once it seemed so far away and so full of tough choices that it was easy to postpone decisions. But here your BRAC changes still are and the deadlines approach. What now? Step 1.  What are you actually facing? Great job, moving to a distant location - quite different choic… more

  • Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2011

    @SLHoppin, one of last year's honoreesIn 2009, ClearedJobs.Net launched an effort to publicly recognize military spouses on Military Spouse Appreciation Day, held each year the Friday before Mother's Day. Military Spouse Appreciation Day was first proclaimed by President Ronald … more

  • April 7 Cleared Job Fair Best Recruiter Winners

    Each Cleared Job Fair we celebrate the top three companies that are voted Best Recruiter by the job seekers in attendance. These are the companies that provided the best overall experience to the job seekers. The three companies providing the best experience to job seekers at… more

  • March 3 Cleared Job Fair Seminar Schedule — BWI, MD

    Please join us Thursday, March 3, at the Cleared Job Fair BWI, MD to meet with cleared facilities employers. Our class schedule for the day: 11am-3pm Professional One-on-One Resume Reviews These are 5-10 minute sessions where a job seeker can review their resume direc… more