Take a Peek at These 5 Unique Cleared Careers

Posted by Ashley Jones

In the cleared community we often see countless openings for Engineers and Analysts, but are you familiar with cleared opportunities for Paralegals or Operating Room Nurses? While jobs like these may not appear frequently across your radar, there are many unique positions in the government contracting landscape that require security cleared professionals to get the job done.

Check out our roundup of some of the most interesting cleared job openings currently on ClearedJobs.Net to see some of the ways security clearances can be put to use. These may not all be for you, but if anyone in your cleared network fits the bill, let them know about the following openings.

1. Paralegal

Any cleared professionals looking to lay down the law? Look no further and join Forfeiture Support Associates (FSA) in Washington, D.C. as a Paralegal supporting the United States Secret Service. Review reports for probable cause, evaluate complex cases, prepare legal pleadings, assist the forfeiture attorney and more in this cleared career.

2. Operating Room Nurse

Paging all registered nurses to this job opportunity, stat. SOSi is looking for an Operating Room Nurse to provide professional nursing care to patients undergoing surgery in Iraq. Help to restore patients’ health, reinforce patient understanding of disease and medications, measure health outcomes against patient care goals and standards, and more in this important position.

3. Grounds Technician

Use your green thumb as a Grounds Technician at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, New Mexico with ASRC Federal. Maintain grounds of industrial, commercial or public property such buildings, camp and picnic grounds, parks, playgrounds, greenhouses, and athletic fields. You’ll be responsible for cutting grass, trimming hedges and edges around walks, flowerbeds, and wells, to ice removal operations too.

4. Marine Mammal Assistant

Does scuba diving, operating watercraft, or caring for marine mammals catch your interest? Enjoy all of these activities on the job at SAIC as a Marine Mammal Assistant in sunny San Diego, California. Observe marine mammals, feed and administer food supplements, and perform tasks related to overall care and training while working outdoors and in the water.

5. Seismic Tomography and Waveform Modeler 

Are you ready to shake things up with a new role as a Seismic Tomography and Waveform Modeler? Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has an opening in Livermore, California for a Postdoctoral Researcher to support Geophysical Monitoring Programs. You’ll apply seismic full-waveform modeling methods to construct refined Earth models for improved nuclear explosion monitoring capabilities, including seismic source and wave propagation characterizations and more.

Curious about other cleared careers? Search through our database of thousands of cleared positions and stay tuned for our next roundup of unique jobs. The perfect cleared opportunity for you may be waiting on the horizon.

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