Target Employers for an Effective Job Search

Posted by Rob Riggins

Successful job seekers are proactive and target the organizations where they want to work.

It’s fine to be opportunistic as well and open to a good job that comes your way. But you need a strategic approach to your job search that includes targeting the employers you think are the right fit for you.

In this video Patra talks about how you determine the companies you want to target and what to do once you’ve developed your target list. Follow your targets on social media. Connect with your targets’ employees. Determine whether you or anyone in your network has a connection at your target companies.

And remember the odds are with job seekers who are referred for an opening. According to a Jobvite 2012 study, 1 in 7 employee referrals is hired; 1 in 100 general candidates is hired. Go with the odds and target the companies you want to work for!



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