Thanks to Our ClearedJobs.Net Military Spouses

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Several years ago I wrote about the stark realization of being a military spouse, and that I was a lucky one. I remember the morning clearly when everything suddenly hit me.

The morning was dark and cold. The dog had tracked his muddy paws across the carpet for the fifth time that morning. The car wouldn’t work, the sewer line had backed up, and there was no milk for the coffee. Workmen were coming in an hour—for once three hours early rather than late, and I hadn’t slept for the third night in a row. And I missed my husband.

Given the time change, I couldn’t talk to him for another four to five hours, and by then I would be knee deep in work and community commitments. I hadn’t had a hug or a kiss in some time and I was really angry. When we talked, a flood of emotions came forth all at the same time, but I was tongue tied because there was so much to say, so little time to say it, and so much distance between us.

But then I said, “Snap out of it! Your husband is safe and will be coming home soon. You are very, very lucky.”

Since that time, our team at ClearedJobs.Net has grown to include more veterans and military spouses. We have two amazing Account Managers – Tracy Mitchell and Sara McMurrough, who are not only military spouses but also veterans. Both Tracy and Sara, now military spouses, work every day supporting our customers and helping job seekers, while being deployed or having a spouse deployed.

When a colleague suggested that we start a Military Spouse Appreciation campaign on Twitter to honor military spouses, I was overjoyed and made sure that we made a commitment each year to grow the initiative.

We see joyful reunions frequently on YouTube and in the press, but we don’t often get a chance to see the dedication, commitment, and hardship that military spouses endure each day. These quiet heroes support their families, their military spouse, and our country day in and day out.

Thank you Tracy and Sara for all you do for our country, community, and customers.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day was started in 1984 by President Reagan. He proclaimed the Friday before Mother’s Day of each year to be in recognition of the “countless personal sacrifices” military spouses have made in support of the Armed Forces from the earliest days of the Continental Army.

This year, Friday, May 10th is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Help us share our country’s gratitude towards these individuals and thank a military spouse for all that they do.


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