The 10 Most Read Articles of 2018

Posted by Ashley Jones

Most read in 2018Another year is approaching its conclusion and it’s already time to gear up for the next one, but before we say farewell to 2018 we’re taking a moment to reflect and reminisce on your most read articles from the year. If you missed them the first time around, we’ve got you covered—or maybe you saved the best for last this year and it’ll be like bingeing a season of your favorite show. Regardless, enjoy!

  1. Do You Sabotage Yourself

Are you offending someone in your job search or making a silly misstep that keeps you from being the successful professional you wish to be? It’s best to err on the side of caution and present yourself with the utmost professionalism if you want to find your next perfect fit.

  1. Respond to Those “Pesky” Recruiter Emails & Calls

There’s an industry push towards a better candidate experience, in which recruiters can improve at responding to applicants. But you, the potential candidate, don’t respond to recruiters either, right? Sure, you’re busy, but make an active effort to think to the future and respond to those that may hold promise.

  1. Take That Phone Screen Interview Seriously

During our job search process we tend to set our sights for that in-person interview but phone screen interviews are the norm for most companies. Learn how to handle them and give yourself an edge when a recruiter invites you to one.

  1. Raise Your Interviewing Game with These Tips from Northrop Grumman

Craig Harris, Talent Acquisition Business Partner with Northrop Grumman shares his thoughts on preparing for interviews to stand out from the competition. Research, practice, be confident, and show your personality. Sometimes it’s a close race between two candidates and enthusiasm and effective communication will go a long way.

  1. Have You Made These Interviewing Mistakes

We all know to arrive on time and silence our phones during interviews but there are other mistakes you might not have noticed you’re making, like not asking questions. It was hard work getting to the interview—don’t let these mishaps stop you from clearing the finish line and starting your new job.

  1. What’s the Point of an Initial Phone Interview

If the in-depth discussions of your experience and qualifications are saved for the second interview, what’s the point of a phone interview? Bill Branstetter shares that as a recruiter and hiring manager, he has one question: Why does my job make sense for you?

  1. When and How to Decline a Job Offer

You got the job offer, but is it really what you want? You’ve landed a cleared job but now you need to clear your head and evaluate how to move forward. If you decide the position isn’t the right fit for you, use these tips to guide you in the process and carve a path for your cleared career.

  1. I Consistently See These 5 Resume Problems

More resume tips?! It’s true, the community is flooded with tips for crafting the perfect resume, some are redundant and others share opposing ideas of what’s right. In this article, Patra Frame shares her best resume advice, spanning the most common problems she encounters, without chasing every fad.

  1. The IT Certifications You Need to Have in 2018

Help your professional growth and earning potential by staying current on technical certifications. Whether you’re a fan of them or not, Federal customers use them to provide codified validation of knowledge and expertise, making them imperative to obtain and maintain.

  1. Five Little Resume Mistakes that Tell Employers You’re a Risk

Don’t let yourself get labeled as a risky candidate. You’ve proofed your resume multiple times for grammar and accuracy but wait—you may still have one of these all-too-common little mistakes that raise a red flag. Make sure these five missteps don’t hold you back from looking like a qualified professional that will be the perfect long-term fit for your next dream job.

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