The 10 Most Read Articles of 2021

Posted by Ashley Jones
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Another year is concluding and its time to gear up for the next one. But before we say farewell to 2021, we’re taking a moment to reflect and reminisce on your most read articles from the year. If you missed them the first time around, now is your chance to get up to speed, learn how to safeguard your clearance, and fine-tune your job search for the New Year.

10. Watch Out for These 7 Common Interview Mistakes

The impression you make in an interview is critical to landing your next cleared job. Bad impressions are difficult to overcome, so ensure you don’t make one of these all-too-common interview mistakes, like talking poorly about your previous employer.

9. Little Resume Mistakes That Tell Employers You’re a Risk

Your resume is one of the most important tools in your job search, but it may not be delivering the kind of responses you were hoping for. Check your resume for these five little mistakes that tell employers you’re a risky candidate.

8. 5 Things You Should Know About a Phone Screen Interview

During an initial phone screen, recruiters are trying to answer one main question: Why does my job make sense for you? In this article, Bill Branstetter shares his insights as a recruiter and hiring manager to give you the leg up in your next phone screen interview.

7. How Can Alcohol Consumption Threaten Your Security Clearance Eligibility

Under Guideline G, Alcohol Consumption, the government may have security concerns related to excessive alcohol consumption. But these concerns aren’t just limited to incidents that lead to an arrest. Find out everything you need to know about how alcohol can influence your ability to hold a security clearance.

6. The Big 5 Resume Mistakes of Military Transition

Are you looking for the right job with the wrong resume? Hear from Patra Frame, as she shares the big five mistakes she commonly sees on transitioning military resumes and the changes you can make to improve your chances of landing the right job.

5. Three Social Media Activities That Might Cost You Your Security Clearance

Technological improvements used to track information and activity on social media platforms have rapidly increased. There are a few social media activities that might cost you your clearance, so choose your words and actions wisely.

4. The IT Certifications You Need to Have in 2021

Like or loathe them, certifications are a vital part of a successful career. Help your professional growth and earning potential by staying current on your certifications. Consider this roundup of certifications that align with a number of core areas and trending requirements.

3. Three Consequences of Using Marijuana After Your State “Legalizes”

Though states across the country are “legalizing” marijuana, the Federal government still considers marijuana to be a controlled substance and illegal drug. Find out what this means for your security clearance if you’ve used marijuana in the present or past.

2. Sexual Behavior That Can Make Trouble for Your Security Clearance

Does the government really care about what happens behind closed doors? They do if your behaviors are considered to be high-risk, destructive, criminal, in public, make you open to coercion, or show poor judgment.

1. Security Clearances: Your Obligation to Report Foreign Contacts

Do you have foreign contacts you’ve failed to report? Such ties are easily traceable and can put your security clearance and livelihood at risk if you choose not to report them. Find out who you need to report and pitfalls to avoid in the process.

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