The Most Popular Cleared Jobs in 2022

Posted by Rob Riggins

When you’re looking for a new cleared job, research is your friend. As they say, knowledge is power. Part of that research includes understanding if you have a lot of competition. The ease of your job search depends on your skills, how in-demand those skills are, your geography, and your competition.

We’re sharing our most viewed jobs, the jobs that received the most applications, and the employer profile pages that received the most visits in 2022. This data gives you a rough idea of which positions are in high demand by cleared job seekers.

Cleared Jobs with the Most Views

  1. Principal Flight Test Engineer, Northrop Grumman, Palmdale, CA
  2. Systems Hardware Navigation Test Co-op, Applied Research Laboratory at the Penn State University, Warminster, PA
  3. Senior Software Engineer, ManTech, Springfield, VA
  4. Software Developer, SAIC, Remote
  5. Service Technician, Chenega MIOS SBU, Glendale, AZ
  6. DevOps Engineer NSG, Oracle, Reston, VA
  7. Maritime Exploitation Analyst, Mission Essential, Dayton, OH
  8. Senior Application Software Developer, ASRC Federal, Moorestown, NJ
  9. Counterdrug/Transnational Organized Crime Drug, Mission Essential, Washington, DC
  10. Intel Tech / Admin Support, Mission Essential, Washington, DC

Cleared Jobs Receiving the Most Applications

  1. Media Analyst, Novetta, McLean, VA
  2. Open Source Intel Analyst / Trainer, Circinus, Fort Gordon, GA
  3. Social Media Specialist, PersuMedia, Vienna, VA
  4. Arabic Language Analyst, CACI, Fairfax, VA
  5. Cyber Security Analyst, Amyx, Remote
  6. Foreign Language Intel Analyst, SAIC, McLean, VA
  7. Logistics Manager, M.C. Dean, Washington, DC
  8. Program Manager / Cyber Security, Teracore, Remote
  9. Operations Manager, PAR Government, Remote
  10. Senior Foreign Language Intel Analyst, SAIC, McLean, VA

Employer Pages Receiving the Most Views

Take advantage of employer profile pages to support your industry research efforts. You can discover what employers do, view their job openings, and access their social media accounts from these pages.

  1. Booz Allen Hamilton
  2. CACI
  3. Leidos
  4. Raytheon Technologies
  5. Northrop Grumman
  6. SAIC
  7. ManTech
  8. Amentum
  9. Peraton
  10. Lockheed Martin

Raise Your Cleared Job Search Game

What can you do if you have a lot of competition in your cleared job search? Review the following tip sheets to make sure your job search tools are in top working order:

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