The Most Popular Cleared Jobs of 2017

Posted by Rob Riggins

2017 Most Viewed and applied cleared jobsWhen you’re looking for a new cleared job, it’s good to know if you have a lot of competition. The cleared community is getting smaller, and the unemployment rate is very low, so you may think that your path to a new job is wide open. It may be — but it depends on your skill set, where you’re looking for a job, and how much competition you have.

Check out the following data on the most viewed cleared jobs and the cleared jobs that got the most applications in 2017. Some of the skill sets such as physical security or logistics may be what you expect to see. But did you know how competitive Intel or Program Management positions are?

Cleared Jobs with the Most Views

  1. Domestic Law Enforcement Intel Analyst, ICF, Arlington, Virginia
  2. Research Associate, ICF, Baltimore, MD
  3. Network Engineer, Jacobs, Doha, Qatar
  4. Special Operations and Special Missions Units, Leidos, Reston, Virginia
  5. Security Officer, Allied Universal, Anaheim, California
  6. Armed Protective Security Officer, Omniplex, Springfield, Virginia
  7. Deputy Program Manager, PAE, Arlington, Virginia
  8. Computer Science Engineer Intern, Parsons, Columbia, Maryland
  9. Open Source Intel Analyst, Fulcrum, Reston, Virginia
  10. Data Center Technician, Amazon Web Services, Herndon, Virginia

Cleared Jobs Receiving the Most Applications

  1. Domestic Law Enforcement Intel Analyst, ICF, Arlington, Virginia
  2. Special Operations and Special Missions Units, Leidos, Reston, Virginia
  3. Logistician, PAE, Fredericksburg, Virginia
  4. All Source Intel Analyst, PAE, Washington, DC
  5. Mission Manager, Leidos, Reston, Virginia
  6. Multi-Source Intel Analyst, ACES, Fort Meade, Maryland
  7. Armed Protective Security Officer, Omniplex, Springfield, Virginia
  8. DoD Program Analyst, Jacobs, Orlando, Florida
  9. Personnel Security Specialist, PAE, Washington, DC
  10. Senior Deputy Program Manager of International Programs, Engility, Chantilly, Virginia

Employer Pages Receiving the Most Views

When looking at the most viewed Employer profile pages, it’s not surprising that the list is almost exclusively large companies. Those large companies have more open positions, so it’s natural that they would typically receive a lot of Employer page views. But there are some smaller companies that were also very popular.

The employer profile pages that were viewed the most by cleared job seekers in 2017:

  1. Northrop Grumman
  2. Sciolex
  3. Deloitte
  4. Raytheon
  5. PAE
  6. CACI
  7. SAIC
  8. Shim Enterprise
  9. Leidos
  10. Engility

What Do You Do If You’ve Got Lots of Competition

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2 thoughts on “The Most Popular Cleared Jobs of 2017”

  1. How about some tips on finding the opportunities that have been overlooked (low views) or disregarded (low applications)?

    You’re basically promoting the ones that don’t need more attention, pushing folks toward the positions most likely to disappoint us.

    1. Great comment Webster. We talk about the jobs that get the most attention to point out the types of jobs that are the most competitive. Jobs that are less competitive are a wide range. Any position requiring a polygraph is typically difficult to fill beyond administrative positions, and even those can sometimes be a challenge. With other security clearances, many specific skill sets are difficult to fill including many IT and cyber security related positions other than Help Desk.

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