The top two inches of your resume are valuable real estate

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Did you know that on a job board there is vital, valuable real estate on your resume? Just as waterfront property is the most valuable in the real estate world, on a job board the most important part of your resume is the top couple inches. Don’t fill up this space with your contact information because that info is already available to the recruiter in your profile. Make this area count by including your accomplishments, security clearance and certifications right up front.


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One thought on “The top two inches of your resume are valuable real estate”

  1. This is such an important point. I often ask clients to think about how they make an assessment of someone they meet (often fairly unconsciously) within minutes, even seconds of meeting them. The same applies to resumes and cvs. You really have to use the front page – and the top of the front page in particular – to show off your assets. But make sure these are assets that are relevant to the recruiter so that from the very start they are mentally ticking off the boxes in terms of you meeting their needs.
    Cherry Douglas
    Your Career Change Guide

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