The Worst Mistake in a Job Search

Posted by Kathleen Smith

At the most recent Cleared Job Fair, Patra Frame reviewed job seekers’ resumes. Patra shared one issue that challenged many of the job seekers she spoke with:

How do you write a resume when you don’t really know what you want to do?

You may have great skills. But do you know what you want to do with those skills?

“What do I want to be when I grow up?” Some of us may never be able to answer that question. So it may become, “What do I want to do in my next job?”

Finding the answer to one of the above questions is critical to your job search success.

By various estimates networking is the source of 60-80% of all jobs, so it’s a key component of any job search. If you’re unable to articulate what you want to do, how do you:

• Introduce yourself and communicate in a networking setting, or at a job fair, the type of work you’re looking for?
• Ask for assistance from colleagues, friends and others who can aid in your job search?
• Write a resume to communicate effectively your talents and abilities?

While it might sound crazy, Google “finding your passion.” You’ll find some interesting resources and articles. Review these posts on Making Career Choices, What Do You Really Want to do Next and Career Transitions Made Simple for more guidance.

And don’t make the worst mistake in a job search!

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