Time to hit refresh?

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Job search is often a longer process than we want. And our activities can become stale or ineffective. Now is a great time to look at your search and see if it is time to re-do or try something new. 

Tip: Review your marketing materials with a friend

Ask an executive you know to go through your marketing materials and give you feedback. This should include your resume, a cover letter or two, your 45 second intro/bio speech, and your online presence. Another person’s eye often catches the omissions and errors we make but also can help you identify some great things about yourself that you are under-selling. 

And if you revise your resume, don’t forget to send a new copy to any recent hiring managers you have met with as well as to your references.  Then post it to too.

Tip: Practice Interviewing

If you have a good resume and have targeted the right organizations, you will get interviews.  

Take a look at our video on using your success stories effectively.

Then ask a colleague or manager in your field to help you by asking you some interview questions. Tell the person you want them to make notes on what you can improve. Better yet, film yourself during the process or get a third person in to observe and provide feedback. We all have habits that are distracting during an interview and those are one thing to recognize. But you also want to see whether your answers are on-target, too brief, irrelevant, or too long. 

Practicing some common interview responses helps you to demonstrate your talents and achievements effectively. It will also reduce your nervousness and let your professionalism shine.

Here are some common types of questions you might face – and can use to practice:

  • What was the hardest “sell” of a new idea or method you have had to make to get it accepted?
  • When you are dealing with co-workers or customers, what really tries your patience and how do you deal with that?
  • Most of us have a preferred style of working. Describe yours and give me an example of a situation where you had to adapt your style.
  • Describe the planning processes you have used at previous jobs and tell me how you planned a specific goal or project.
  • What are the major obstacles you have had to overcome on your current job and how did you deal with them?
  • What kinds of problems have you been called on to solve in the past six months and how have you addressed them?
  • Describe your most difficult decision in the past six months and how you dealt with it.

Tip: Networking

Networking is still the best way to find the right organizations and opportunities for a successful transition to a job where you can succeed. How are you doing at maintaining your current connections? Building new ones? Attending the most relevant professional meetings and events? Using social media effectively?

Odds are someone you know doesn’t have a job for you. But developing real connections with others can lead you to resources that will help you find your best match and identify the opportunities you seek. 

So now is the time — make that 30 minute a day commitment to really review and refresh your job search.  Try some new ideas. Clean up any problems or issues. Clear your mind to concentrate on what you really want and where you can achieve your goals.


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