Too soon old: Age discrimination realities

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Age discrimination is illegal but we all know many companies prefer to hire young. If you’re over 40 — yes 40! — and looking for a job you will benefit from the tips Patra Frame, ClearedJobs.Net HR Strategist, provides in this video. What are a company’s concerns about hiring older workers? How do you strategize to make your age an advantage?   


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4 thoughts on “Too soon old: Age discrimination realities”

  1. This is something I have been concerned about for some time. I graduated 3 years ago top of my class with a B.S degree, after just turning 37 and being a stay at home parent and part time artist. Unfortunately, during my study time, I also had a facial injury occur that made me look older, so was often questioned and mistaken for being in my 40s. I learned almost immediately that discrimination occurs, and while I was given the opportunity for 2 interviews immediately following graduation in my field, I was not able to attend them (due to injury), and have since had several interviews which were blantantly discriminitory (even to the point of one 20 something interviewer telling me 'her' company didn't like my look and so there would be no place for me there.

    Now with 2 young girls, student loans to pay off, I have found only a security job that barely pays enough to afford my loans. In my case, I found this video informational, but at the same time, I do not have the 'years' of experience specifically in the field (though do have some experience that could be very easily adapted in several others), nor the contacts that would allow me to network. I would really like some information on situations for those of use who are in our late 30's, just turned 40 who are either changing careers or returning to the workforce. Its so difficult right now, and even though I am gifted at what I do, which is why I chose my field, I have no opportunity to tell anyone or prove myself. What do we do?

  2. This is definitely hitting me right now – Before I was laid off from my last job, I kept getting passed over for promotions because the managers doing the hiring didn't want to compete with me. Now that I'm looking for a new job, I keep getting passed over for positions because my 20+ years of experience is telling the hiring managers that I can do their job and probably their manager's job better than they can. I have been told this several times.

  3. HM- Am sorry to hear of your injury and resulting difficulties, especially the stupidity of the interviewer who commented on your 'look.' Changing careers is often difficult – you need to show on your resume and in all your marketing efforts your transferable past skills in terms of the new career's needs. Right now especially you need to find a person in an organization that you are targeting and make a connection to help you get an interview – so many companies are using employee referrals for many hires. You do this by asking people you already know if they know anyone in your targets. And if you cannot make a connection that way, you can begin to do so via LinkedIn or similar social media. Networking at professional events in your new field is also smart, although probably tougher to do with kids and a job, it is the best way still to get into the new field. Good luck!

  4. Though I agree and understand why most companies would hire younger ones. I also would like to bring up that those at age 40 can also do stuff that a 25 year old person can. I visited Singapore a year ago, most diners there have staff who are more than 50 years old. Hawkers also have elder ones to assist customers. You will also find old men drive their public transports. I admire them for not basing employment in age. Moreover, simple jobs which doesn't require too much physical work will also help our elders keep their bodies healthy more than still being productive.

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