Turn Military Experience Into Resume Achievements

Posted by Rob Riggins

In this video Patra talks more about the need for having achievements on your resume, and not just responsibilities, whether you’re transitioning military or not.

Think of it from the recruiter’s perspective — they want to know what you did with your responsibilities that resulted in achievements and results. That’s what will make your resume stand out and get you an interview.

Transitioning military have it extra hard as they have to translate their achievements into civilian lingo. But it can be done, it just requires effort.

The formula to help you turn your responsibilities into achievements:

Task, a critical requirement, big project, vital aspect of the work

Action, what did you actually do

Results, what was accomplished as a result of your actions

Think about duties that were assigned to you, or duties that you were selected for. You may think that you just got stuck with those duties. But some of those may be your achievements.

More detailed info is also in this blog post, Military Service to Civilian Success: Translate Achievements.

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