Unwanted Facebook Requests

Posted by Kathleen Smith

As more people join social media, the more you may find that you’re getting connection requests from people you don’t know. Or don’t want to know. Some of these requests might seem outright strange.

All social media communities want to keep the environment safe and comfortable for their members. But the managers of these communities don’t have eyes everywhere so they create ways you can flag inappropriate behavior.

Most people ignore a request. But the more reports that are made about someone exhibiting inappropriate behavior, the quicker their account will be shut down. 

Just as we showed you how to flag a fake LinkedIn profile, here are some of the ways to report Facebook behavior that you find inappropriate.

Friend Request

When you receive a friend request you can Confirm or select Not Now.

If you select Not Now, you’ll be asked if you know this person outside of Facebook. If you answer No, you have more opportunities to report this person.

Status Update or Post

Hover your cursor to the upper right of the post for the dropdown box where you can select Report Story or Spam.


From your Messages there is an Actions dropdown where you can select to either Report as Spam or Report the Conversation.

If you select Report Conversation:

Abusive behavior should always be reported.




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